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Priory School


Priory School





Our Role:

Infrastructure Survey
Project design
WatchGuard Firewall

Services Provided:

Secure 'it'

Manage 'it'


Rockford IT were invited to look at Priory School’s infrastructure as their current wired and wireless network was unreliable and not able to cope with modern demands. The school had a D-Link network with poor structure and little management capability.

The Proposal

Rockford undertook a complete survey of the existing network, and proposed laying down a new network that would allow for complete management control and one that would cope with the demands placed on it by hundreds of users. Rockford proposed designing the VLAN and IP Schema & detailing the migration plan which involved installing a Cisco 4 X 3750X stack layer 3 core connected to Cisco 2960S stacks linked to the server infrastructure. The Cisco 3750x core would connect fibre to 17 Cisco Meraki switches supporting 50 Cisco Meraki access points. A 5 series WatchGuard would also be installed to provide Web Security, IPS/AV/APT Blocker and allow logging into a WatchGuard Dimension virtual appliance.

The Result

The school now has a robust secure infrastructure that can cope with the wireless demands and is easily managed and controlled, providing services to staff, students, visitors and corporate customers in the evenings and holiday periods. The entire system is monitored via Rockford’s N-Able platform from their Telford Data Centres.


“With Rockford I ended up with a complete plan and roadmap. I’d recommend Rockford…as they seem to understand and listen and care about what they do quite passionately, and also I found them really professional”.

Tim Goodman
Priory School (Network Manager)