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The IT Group


The IT Group


WatchGuard Firewalls
Wireless Network
ISO 27001

Our Role:

Design and implementation of secure virtual infrastructure

Services Provided:

Secure 'it'

Manage 'it'


The IT Group provides forensic and consultancy services to the legal sector. As they had started to have to hold data on an e-discovery platform for civil and criminal cases, and provide secure access to it to solicitors and barristers, they needed to gain the ISO 27001 certification.

The Proposal

Rockford proposed advice on the process itself and on delivering new Cisco networks to support a VMWare HA environment protected by 2 High Availability WatchGuard Firewalls with security bundles that include IPS, Application Control, AV Spam, WebBlocker, APT Blocker and access onto WatchGuard’s data dashboard – Dimension. A wireless infrastructure was proposed made up with WatchGuard access points and both networks would support the ISO 27001 standard.

The Result

The IT Group now has a completely secure virtual solution that meets ISO 27001 standards, enabling them to gain certification and meet the needs of their clients. Their new – discovery platform has generated tens of thousands in additional annual income. The solution also provided them with comprehensive documentation


“Because Rockford have the ISO certification we find it easier to offer our services…We found that ultimately we can trust them (Rockford) as a supplier”

Jason Coyne
The IT Group (Partner)