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Rockford IT is a Managed IT Solutions and Services company and part of SysGroup Plc. SysGroup has 107 employees in  Liverpool, Telford and London. We know it helps to put names to faces, so click on the links to learn more about the Rockford team committed to getting ‘it right for you.

Management Team

Liz Magosfalvi

Head of Business Systems

Nick Deane

Head of Sales & Marketing


Michelle Williams

Customer Care Manager

Johnathan Hope

Service Desk Manager

Technical & Projects Team


Simon Bayling

Infrastructure Specialist


Dave Podmore

Monitoring Specialist

Jon Farmer

Solutions Specialist

Shane Williams

Junior Infrastructure Engineer

Service Desk

Peter White

2nd Line Technician

Callum Rowley

2nd Line Technician

Scott Eastman

3rd Line Technician

Peter Hull

Daniel Gough

2nd Line Technician

Louise Hood

2nd Line Technician

Richard Phillips

3rd Line Technician

Lee-Michael Pearce

3rd Line Technician

Projects, Consultancy & Security Testing

Andrew Biggs

Technical Consultant

Peter Brown

Project Manager

Neil Shannon

Project Technician

James Lawton

Project Consultant

Sarah Moorcroft

Project Manager

Ian Simons

IT Security Tester

On Customer Site

Gabor Holbling

IT Manager at The Westbury Mayfair

Mohammed Aftab

IT Support Technician at The Holiday Inn, Kensington

Sales & Marketing

Richard Thomas

Sales Manager


Lewie Hardie

Sales Executive

Adam Dimmock

Sales Executive

Jason Macmanus

Business Development Director


Kim Jordan

Sales Support Executive

Lauren Ascroft

Marketing Executive

Ramman Gautam

Telemarketing Executive

Operations, Provisioning, Accounts & Customer Care

Claire Edmonds

Senior Provisioning Agent

Sapphire Thawe

Provisioning Agent

Claire Goddard

Operations Assistant

Liz Beck

Customer Care Coordinator

Yvonne Langford

Office Administrator


Tom Sykes



Grant Thomas

Chief Financial Officer