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Server Colocation

Server Colocation

Server Colocation Hosting

Server colocation saves you from investing in your own data centre or server room.

IT hosting experts, Rockford IT have data centres in both the Midlands and North West where you are able to host your equipment and save on office space and money, as no need to invest in power or bandwidth. There are sound business reasons for choosing server co-location over hosting on your own site.


With no need to equip or staff an onsite server room / data centre you can save significant amounts of money.


We provide you with pay as you grow options so that we can meet your needs as you grow. You can start with as little as 1U.

Increased quality, speed and connectivity

We have invested in a top quality infrastructure and have highly qualified individuals monitoring it to ensure you have peace of mind that we are taking your hosting needs seriously. We also have the very best connectivity which along with redundancy means that you get excellent value for money along with guaranteed uptimes.


Providing redundancy in case of failure is expensive. By choosing colocation you are gaining access to our power redundancy:

  • Backup Generator and APC UPS Redundant Power System – our efficient UPS system ensures that should the grid power to the building fail, clean power delivery is maintained to the data centre until the generator takes over.
  • Twin power supplies – Each rack cabinet in computer room 1 is supplied with two 16A (Amp) (3.7kW) feeds with a monitored PDU (Power Distribution Unit) from separate supplies. In computer room 2 these supplies are twin 32A (7.4KW)


We are in a 24 hour manned building and have CCTV, monitored intruder alarms and secure fob access which ensures only those entitled to gain access can.


We you have access to our support team for remote hand services and we can procure, install and configure hardware for you.