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Email Security

Email Security


Email Security

Managed IT services provider, Rockford IT use The Email Laundry and Mimecast email security solutions to make your email safe.

Email attacks are growing exponentially and are the top method of delivering threats to organisations. A range of security measures are needed to ensure an email doesn’t cause you harm. Email filtering is an essential ingredient.

Both solutions provides an email security service that blocks spam and viruses in the ‘cloud’ before reaching your network. This brings benefits to you:

  • An end to a trawl through unwanted email in your inbox;
  • No longer a burden for your IT department;
  • TLS encryption included as standard;
  • Whitelisting and blacklisting.

The Email Laundry is a great value all-round solution.

Mimecast is a premium solution

  • Has APT sandbox included
  • Full 99 year active retention with outlook integration
  • Full continuity with an RPO and RTP of zero.

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