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Managed Internet Connectivity Solutions

Managed Internet Connectivity Solutions

Business Broadband

Managed IT services provider, Rockford IT provide customised internet connectivity solutions to businesses of all sizes, across many industry sectors. Our wholesale partner agreements with the main communication carriers ensures that we can provide our clients with the latest technology at competitive pricing.

Internet Connectivity Options

Our options range from basic single ADSL/ADSL2+ broadband lines, through to dedicated fibre leased lines with managed Cisco hardware and backup options. Whether our customers have multiple sites or a single office our solutions meet their increasing demands for reliable, scalable and flexible communication platforms.

Broadband Connectivity

ADSL/ADSL2+ and Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) are entry level, highly affordable, broadband services. There are no bandwidth guarantees and both options are shared with other users.

FTTC provides the higher bandwidth with contended speeds of up to 80Mbps downloads and 20Mbps uploads. As with all broadband services, the further your location is away from the local telephone exchange the lower speeds you will receive.

Managed, monitored and supported router options (Cisco& ZyXel hardware) are also available.

Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

EFM provides a dedicated 1:1 copper connection with speeds of (up to) 35Mbps, with backup options available. Our EFM solutions deliver synchronous ethernet speeds to businesses situated within 4.8Km of the serving telephone exchange. This mid-market solution meets businesses higher bandwidth demands at a lower cost than traditional leased lines and comes with a very strong SLA, unlike broadband services.

Fibre Leased Lines, MPLS and IPVPN

Leased lines deliver a dedicated high speed and high bandwidth connection. Our fibre leased lines and national ethernet products provide high performance circuits for carrying business critical data, internet access and voice traffic. Speeds of up to 10Gbps are available with our managed Cisco hardware, as well as 100% service level agreements (SLA) with various backup options. IPVPN and MPLS options are available for clients with multiple sites and remote users, incorporating all types of different connectivity services to provide a customised secure Wide Area Network (WAN).