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Mirrornet Realtime Replication

Mirrornet Realtime Replication

Do you have an IT disaster recovery plan for your business?

Providing 247 365 IT support Rockford IT can be available to assist all year round. Rockford IT provide consultancy services and managed server recovery solutions to ensure you have the best disaster recovery plan in place for your organisation.

Mirrornet Realtime Replication

Ask yourself these questions. How dependent are you on IT? How long can you be without access to business critical servers? If the answers are that you are very dependent on your IT systems, and that your organisation cannot afford the damage any downtime will cause then Mirrornet Realtime Replication is for you.

MirrorNet realtime replication will ensure you can continue to work should you have a business critical server fail.

  • Real time protection mirrored to our data centres
  • In the event of a problem you failover to the replicated data in as little as 15 minutes
  • Fail-back when your system has been repaired or replaced is managed and quick

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