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Mirrornet Test Restore

Mirrornet Test Restore

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UK 247 365 IT support company, Rockford IT will work with you to build a disaster recovery plan that works for you and your organisation.

Mirrornet Test Restore

Do you know what will happen if a business critical server fails? It could potentially take more than a week to fix a server that fails. Carrying out a Test Restore to test how your IT Recovery solutions will perform is essential. It means you know how dependent you are on your IT systems, and how long it will take you to recover as things are with your current solution.

Mirrornet TestRestore provides a rehearsal for what will happen should a business critical server fail. It will mean you have a clear idea of what’s critical and what isn’t, and how you will cope. If you want peace of mind that your organisation has sufficient DR solutions in place, or if you are concerned that it doesn’t then call us now on 0333 101 9000 – Option 1 to book a TestRestore.

Mirrornet Disaster Recovery Consultation

With partners we can offer full Disaster Recovery Consultation which includes putting together a plan to include all aspects of a disaster recovery plan.