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Mitel Unified Communications

Mitel Unified Communications


Shropshire IT company, Rockford IT offer a great communication service to ensure you can keep connected wherever you are. Mitel has a long pedigree of delivering business class communication solutions to customers worldwide.

Mitel Unified Communications – MiCloud Office

Business thrives on communication and Mitel Unified Communications MiCloud Office offer delivers a complete business communication solution converging together voice, chat, video, smartphones, your pc, fixed phones and tablets all allowing for an intuitive and seamless user experience.

Not in the office? Not a problem. You enjoy the same functionality with Mitel Unified Communications wherever you are, whether on the road, in the office or at home. With Mitel MiCloud Office it’s easy to connect with colleagues, customers and suppliers through your desktop, mobile and tablet. Mitel Unified Communications are all about collaboration, improved productivity, seemless customer service and working smarter.

Key benefits:

  • A subscription per month unified communications model – pay as you grow;
  • Easy to install and use;
  • All the tools you need for connecting, wherever you are;
  • Flexible – pay as you go and inclusive calling plans;
  • Powerful intuitive management tool;
  • Three MiCloud Office feature options – Essential, Professional, Premium.

Mitel Unified Communications as a Service (Mitel UCaaS) 

If you need in-depth contact centre reporting, interactive voice responses, or a more bespoke solution then the Mitel UCaaS solution is perfect for you. Call us on 0333 101 9000 – Option 1 for more information or a quote.