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Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring Solutions

Our IT monitoring solutions allow you to know what’s happening on your network before your users do.

IT monitoring specialists, Rockford IT have built a highly reliable monitoring infrastructure based upon industry leading N-able N-Central’s Monitoring Solution to continuously monitor the quality of performance of your IT system.

We automatically provide you with real-time alerts via SMS, email or phone calls – keeping you fully informed at all times.

Why Choose Monitoring?

We have a range of standardised tested N-Central templates for a variety of network devices including routers, firewalls, servers and switches. Our monitoring platform alert us / you to faults and records historical trends of performance, and we monitor on pre agreed service levels for application and system performance and responsiveness. For example, the time taken for a web page to load or for a system to respond to an input by a user. A report can then be generated to show if the system is within the agreed service levels.

We help your IT team to proactively deal with problems. You also save money, as your staff can do other things as we take care of the monitoring. An integrated trending and root cause analysis method identifies performance trends that threaten to impact your organisation’s network. As alerts are generated, issues are prevented and can be solved more quickly.

An option allows you can effectively track, manage and fully optimise any IT infrastructure with the information gleaned from reporting.

Reports that can be generated include CPU average, HDD real-time + 3 months, Memory including page, critical / severe NT event logs (real-time), Veritas / Symantec Back-up Exec 8+, Microsoft Exchange, IIS / Apache /Tomcat, SQl, Oracle, VmWare ESX, Sys Uptime, WSUS and Critical Services.