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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing


Rockford IT’s Penetration Testing services and solutions ensure your organisation is as safe from online threats as it can be.

Based in Shropshire, IT experts Rockford IT are now able to offer Penetration Testing services with our own in house IT Security Tester who is based at the Rockford IT office, Telford.

Security and Threat Management is essential to enable your organisation to be as safe as it possibly can from Cyber Threats. We offer 3 solutions that help you be aware of potential weaknesses in your network that needs attention. We provide two serviced security contracts payable monthly – one with four PenTest lites per quarter and 8 monthly vulnerability scans, the other with one PenTest followed by 11 vulnerability scans. These have the added value where any difference detected by scans following PenTest Lite is investigated and customers notified.

Vulnerability Audit

A vulnerability audit tests or scans your network for security weakness (or identifies all the holes).  This is provided with a basic automated report.


PenTest Lite

A PenTest Lite service combines a vulnerability audit with active input from a Penetration Tester. Our Penetration tester will undertake manual testing to test the audit and provide full results analysis and remediation advice.

You service your car regularly, your boiler and maybe a host of other things. How often do you check your network’s security? The constant drip of data leaks in the press have brought security to the attention of many. If this includes you, give us a call and book a Vulnerability Audit or a PenTest light.

Ideally every new piece of equipment you install should be assessed for weaknesses but as minimum we believe a full vulnerability audit (and ideally a PenTest Lite)  should be carried out at least every 4 months. Once carried out we can provide full advice on correcting any issues identified.

Contact us on 0333 101 9000 – Option 1 to book a PenTest Lite now.


Penetration Testing

Some weaknesses will not be detected by a Vulnerability Audit or tested in a PenTest Lite – those that can be deliberately exploited by a hacker – for example: compromised switches, an old database with passwords, back-end processing password weaknesses. For these a penetration test is a better tool. We recommend this is carried out once a year.

Penetration testing is ‘hacking’ into your network to gain access to sensitive data and should be carried out by someone who’s skill set is that of a hacker.

Once done we produce a short precise report identifying what was compromised and how that can be put right.

Contact us on 0333 101 9000 – Option 1 to book a Penetration test now.

Together the vulnerability audit and penetration test are key tools in the IT security armoury and will help your organisation to keep abreast of threats and keep safe.


Tests compared  Vulnerability Audit / PenTest Lite  Penetration Test
How often Monthly / every quarter / 1 x a year
Report Basic / details all vulnerabilities & changes Concise – what was compromised (since last)
Cost From £110-£500  per month > £3000