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Password Account Management

Password Account Management

password account management

IT Security Experts, Rockford IT know that poor password management can be a serious threat to network security. Thycotic Secret Server is an enterprise privileged password account management software that can help tackle your problems with passwords.

Compromised passwords can lead to loss of data, fines and loss of reputation. We all know how difficult it is to remember what passwords go with what. With Secret Server you only need to worry about your personal passwords, not your work ones.

Secret Server enables you to securely store and manage all your privileged passwords, accounts and endpoints. It can also be used to store secret documents.

Do you have any of these issues?

  • Too many passwords to remember.
  • Forever resetting passwords you have forgotten.
  • No idea what passwords are on what devices and when they were last updated (if ever).
  • Users that write passwords down.
  • An excel sheet storing important passwords.
  • A panic when an IT employee leaves.

If you do have any of these issues Rockford IT can help you to manage your password security (for example – for a firewall, social media accounts, other key single user name / one password accounts) We can help by:

  • Storing all passwords on Secret Server.
  • Changing strong random passwords.
  • Ensuring access to any endpoints is done via Secret Server – so passwords are never needed
  • Fully managing the Secret Server service so that password nightmares are a thing of the past.

If you have a big IT team and want to do it yourself that’s fine, we can resell you the service. For more information or a quote please contact Rockford IT’s sales team on 0333 101 9000 – Option 1 or email