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Virtual Server Hosting

Virtual Server Hosting

Virtual Server Hosting

Rockford IT, leading UK hosting provider with ISO/IEC 27001 data centres in the Midlands and North West offer Virtual Private Sever (VPS) hosting which provides a high performance, dedicated resource to run demanding email, database and web applications.

A cloud you can see and touch.
Moving to the cloud is a phrase most people are aware of. What may be less clear is that you can move to a private cloud, which is what our virtual hosting solutions (VPS) are. They have all the functions of a physical solution and they are very flexible – we can easily set up many virtual machines to run on a single physical server.

For many of our customers virtual private server (VPS) hosting is the perfect solution – a high performance, dedicated resource to run a range of demanding applications without the need for large capital investment to buy your own servers. VPS are an affordable and scalable choice.

What are Virtual Private Servers?
VPS hosting shares certain costs which reduces your monthly bill while at the same time keeping certain resources ring-fenced so that the operating system, storage, RAM and data is securely partitioned.

If you need even more security then you can choose a dedicated virtual server. Contact us for more details.

We provide our virtual server solutions from our secure data centres in Telford. Using VMware we can support Windows and Linux to create an environment that perfectly meets your needs.

Virtual Server Hosting is a cheaper solution with clear benefits:

  • No hardware capital costs every 3 to 5 years
  • Enterprise grade infrastructure at affordable monthly prices
  • No maintenance downtimes
  • Easily scalable
  • No need for redundancy spend
  • Back up and recovery is much quicker than physical

We have a various monitored and supported options to choose from. Our virtual offer has 4 tiers available (0-4) and each virtual server comes with VMware, 1 CPU core, 4GB RAM, 50GB Storage, 1Mbps CDR, with full backup 24/7/365