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WatchGuard Services

WatchGuard Services

WatchGuard Services

Our WatchGuard Services

UK WatchGuard experts Rockford IT, based in Shropshire, are one of only two WatchGuard Platinum Partners in the UK. Rockford IT are WatchGuard experts and offer the highest levels of technical and sales knowledge within the business, providing a range of WatchGuard service options.

Rockford IT have been a WatchGuard partner since 2005 and have technicians who have been qualified since then. They know pretty much everything there is to know about WatchGuard.

Buy WatchGuard Product – Free 30 days support with every WatchGuard

Buy Watchguard Subscriptions

WatchGuard Support – Available with 12 and 24 hour options there is much more than support included:

  • unlimited policy change requests
  • IPSec and remote user VPN support and setup
  • Software updates
  • Hotfixes and patches applied

Managed WatchGuard Service Solutions. If you don’t want purchase the hardware or ongoing subscriptions we can provide you with a fully managed solution

  • The product, subscription and support for a manageable monthly fee
  • In addition to the support package we provide 24/7 connectivity monitoring and bandwidth usage.

Emergency one-off 24/7/365 support – something has gone wrong and you don’t know the solution? Give us a call and we will fix it for you.

  • Must be prepaid
  • Includes configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Immediate assistance at any time