Software Updates – How little updates can fix big problems

by Lauren Ascroft on 15 Nov 2016

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Rockford IT, based in Telford have a team of IT experts on their 24/7 365 service desk who deal with various IT issues everyday. Rockford IT’s 2nd line technician, Dale Pountney has picked up on a popular issue that he has encountered recently. Read on to find out more from Dale, as he discusses software updates.

Most modern software tends to work well and play nicely with others. Some are helpful enough that they fire up prompts when the latest version is available for download. Of course, many application updates are incremental and contain minor bug fixes ensuring they run smoother, faster and more securely.

It’s important to give them a little attention as you may find that (if you ignore the updates) things don’t work they way they are supposed to.

A perfect example of this is a case I worked on recently where a customer was printing PDF documents from Adobe Reader DC and ended up with unsightly black marks ‘drawn’ across some of the text, as if someone blacked it out with a marker pen. Of course this isn’t possible.

However, printing from Adobe Reader DC is something everyone expects to ‘just work’ without a second thought. After doing some research, I found that this particular customer was running Windows 10 Pro with the Anniversary Update. In a normal circumstance this would be fine. However, Adobe confirmed that there was a known issue with this version of Reader DC if the PC was running the Anniversary Update and therefore a software update was needed to fix it.

This example outlines how little updates can fix big problems.

Though, when it comes to larger updates (like installing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update) it usually pays to spend a little time researching the applications you use and whether anyone else has had issues with the update after installing. You may find that one or more of your applications won’t work properly which could result in lengthy roll-back procedures or, at worst, your computer needs it’s operating system re-installing.

In my experience, this doesn’t just apply to the masses of Windows users as a select few Macintosh users have seen problems with software updates (which so happened to be another one of my tickets)

In short: updates solve many issues, but be wary if the potential effects before hitting the ‘install’ button!

Of course, if you are unsure of whether an update is necessary or if it’s going to be a detriment to your system, we’re here to help with any update or upgrade needs! For more information you can contact the Rockford IT team on 0333 101 6000 or email

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